Pension Český ráj

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Pension The Bohemian Paradise.

Pension the Bohemian Paradise

Pension Český ráj, pension The Bohemian Paradise offers:


Český Ráj pension - Český Ráj pension offers you very cheap accommodation in The Bohemian Paradise with a beautiful view of The Bohemian Paradise for the cheapest prices in the region.

Český Ráj pension wishes you safe journey and a pleasant holliday. We look forward to your visit.

Pension The Bohemian Paradise

Český Ráj pension offers you the accomodation in Turnov in the heart of The Bohemian Paradise. There is a beautiful view of some very well known points of interest from our accommodation: e.g. Trosky, Hrubá Skála, Sedmihorky, Valdštejn, Skalní město (The Sandstone Rock City), Hlavatice, Kozákov and a lot of the other by tourists plenty visited spots. The accommodation is consisted of very well maintained 2-5 bed-rooms fully equipped including refrigerator, tea kettle and dishes for cooking. The common fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and water closets belong to the rooms. There are at the disposal a large garden, an arbour with a fireplace and space for camping & parking directly at the house.

Accommodation Český ráj - map.



Bohemian Paradise accommodation Turnov:
Turnov lies on the border of "Jestedsko-kozakovsky" back and PLA Bohemian Paradise. Throught the Turnov flows the river Jizera. Turnov city lies 90 km in the north-east of Prague and 25 km south from Liberec (arrival from Prague on the road E 65 from the Liberec E 442). Museum of the Bohemian Paradise is situated in the historical zone of the city Turnov. Nature trail Turnov - Hruby Rohozec.

Český ráj

Holiday accommodation Bohemian Paradise Turnov activity in the surroundings:
Visit the Bohemian Paradise, one of the most spectacular landscape formations in Central Europe, which was in 1955 proclaimed a protected landscape area and in 1999 area "Hruboskalsko" and nature reserve. There are sandstone "rock towns", pine forests, quiet lakes and ponds, castles and castle ruins, unique folk architecture and many other attractions such as rock maze at Besedice. The surroundings is ideal for hiking, cycling and climbing on the rocks.